Skeem Saam Elizabeth And Leeto’s Affair

Skeem Saam Elizabeth And Leeto’s Affair

We know that Leeto and Mokgadi are heading for a divorce in September. The siblings have the stoniest and worst marriage in soap. Leeto is going to bounce to Johannesburg in September to be a DJ for a while. He will come back and find Mokgadi, Mary and Noah at his house and demand Mary to leave. He will file for divorce and Mokgadi will fight for her marriage…a losing battle.

They will finally separate and Leeto will get lonely. He will move back home and his mother will be excited that he and Mokgadi are separating, she’s always hated Mokgadi. Leeto will bump into Elizabeth Thobakgale who is also having relationship problems with Kwaito. The two will chat and start having feelings for each other.

We know that Elizabeth is Mokgadi’s friend. But we also know that Elizabeth would back stab anyone for a man. She slept with Mangaliso even though he was dating Lelo and slept with Kwaito even though he was in a relationship with Glenda.

Lizzy sees men like goals or challenges at work, she goes for who she wants and doesn’t care about the other woman. Because she grew up without a father, she doesn’t realize how damaging her choices are until it’s too late.

Her affair with Leeto will either end in tears for Leeto and Mokgadi or for her. Whichever way, she’s done playing Kwaito’s second best. Imagine a whole doctor agreeing to be a second girlfriend to a man who has no house or car. She sees Leeto as a husband and will patiently wait for his marriage to come to an end.

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