Skeem Saam Leshole Actor Is A Lecturer At Tshwane University Of Technology In Real Life

Skeem Saam Leshole Actor Is A Lecturer At Tshwane University Of Technology In Real Life

We’ve come to know actor Thabo Mkhabela as Leshole, on educational telenovela, Skeem Saam.  Thabo Mkhabela plays Leshole, a guy with a troubled history, who is always down on his luck in life. Skeem Saam fans are so attached to the character of Leshole, that it has got to the point where they swamped social media to warn the show’s writers to treat him  well or they will dump the show.

Thabo Mkhabela admitted that the attention he gets from Leshole’s many fans can be crushing at times, saying  “I have noticed that people of different ages love Leshole, hence the struggle to understand that the character and I are two different people. They expect me to be overly friendly, which is understandable, but demanding at times”

Though Leshole was first introduced as a student on Skeem Saam, in real life Thabo Mkhabela is actually a lecturer. The actor is an Arts lecturer at Tshwane University of Technology. It’s clear  that Thabo Mkhabela takes his schooling seriously, as he attended the University of Limpopo, where he obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree. He also holds a master’s degree.

The actor once revealed in an interview that he actually wanted to study law at university, but it was unfortunate because the law places were full. Said Thabo“I wanted to be a lawyer, but was sent to the faculty of humanities because there was no space in the law faculty at that time – and eventually I got an acceptance letter for a BA in performing arts”

Thabo Mkhabela also revealed that he doesn’t see himself being an actor for a long time, but he wants to be working behind the scenes as a director. Given his acting choice as Leshole on Skeem Saam, we’re sure he’ll bring the best from actors behind the camera.

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