Skeem Saam On 24 Feb: Mapitsi Interrupts John And Melita’s Tender Moment

Skeem Saam On 24 Feb: Mapitsi Interrupts John And Melita’s Tender Moment

Skeem Saam On 24 Feb: Mapitsi Interrupts John And Melita’s Tender Moment

On tonight’s episode of Skeem Saam – Thursday 24 February 2022

That Mapitsi! Mapitsi interrupts John and Melita’s tender moment. Why is she messing up John’s groove? We’ll get to that later. Let’s first catch up on yesterday’s episode.

As expected, John Maputla did not take it well that Mapitsi went to see Meiki in prison and consulted Mr Bopape to start an appeal process to get her out of jail. Mapitsi did this all behind John’s back. Mapitsi feels like her family has neglected Meiki, and she is not taking it down.

The argument between her and John got so heated that John contemplated telling her to leave his house. John feels disrespected by his daughter in law and calls for an intervention. Wow! Just Wow.

Alfios has put the Magongwas in a tight corner. His demands are a few seconds short of insane, from asking them to pay R60000 for something to blackmailing them and giving Alfred a black eye in the process.
Alfred became the topic at school when he walked in wearing a big pair of sunglasses in class. He is not wearing them because his future is too bright. We know it’s not. He is hiding a shiner that Alfios gave him

Eunice approaches Kat for a job at Capsys. No one has an opening for a position right now, and she is just about giving up.

On tonight’s episode

Meikie really misses her family the outside world!

As I said earlier, Mapitsi is becoming a nuisance in John’s life. John has a reason why he doesn’t want Meiki home yet. He is developing a forbidden relationship with Melita, but he can’t do that with his daughter in law hanging around him all the time. Mapitsi disturbs a flirting session between John and Melita tonight.

Alfios asks Alfred for help, and Alfred has no choice but to comply, right? He wants to be in Alfie’s good books. He needs to be. Alfios is not letting Alfred off easy.

Eunice received some pleasant news regarding employment. It’s about time, and she has been moping around for too long now.

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