Skeem Saam Review: Leshole Needs A New Dad

Skeem Saam Review: Leshole Needs A New Dad

Fans of Skeem Saam are very unhappy with the way things have turned out for Leshole, in terms of the show replacing his late father with his mother. His mother; Candy who plays Bafedile is a great actress but she’s not doing any justice to the role because she’s not herself, fake. According to sources, the actress was told to not speak Tshilobedu at all, which is what South African’s love about her.

It’s like The Queen’s Brenda Ngxoli annoying Noma character speaking English all the time. We don’t care how many times we’ve heard Brenda speak IsiXhosa, that’s what sells, she’s gotten awards for that, so don’t fix what’s not broken.

I’m not suggesting that Charles Maja’s character; Big Boy is replaceable because he’s not. But Candy’s character and Leshole don’t have an on-screen chemistry/connection at all. Their relationship feels forced, like the Sebata’s on The Queen. They’re just reading lines and can’t wait to get out of the scene.

Leshole needs a male figure to complete his character. He’s a lonely at the moment, it feels like he’s an orphan, it’s pitiful to watch him. Why on earth would his father just disappear? We all knew that Big Boy loved Leshole and he wouldn’t convincingly disappear.

So, what about an uncle? Sello Maake ka Ncube would make a great uncle, he was funny as Kgosi on The Queen and outstanding on The Herd.  He’s fluent in Sepedi. One of his biggest roles in the 90s was Doctor Mashoba Dieta and everyone loved him.

We wouldn’t expect him to be as funny as Big Boy, because they’re different actors.  But, if he won’t be his uncle, then he could be his step-father since his mother Bafedile is married with children. It would definitely increase the show’s viewership ratings which have decreased significantly because of Durban Gen.

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