Skeem Saam Spoilers: The Ghost Of Rachel Returns And The Kgomo’s Get Closure

Skeem Saam Spoilers: The Ghost Of Rachel Returns And The Kgomo’s Get Closure

There is going to be a mysterious ghost wandering the streets of Turfloop who matches the description of Rachel Kunutu in Turfloop. Koko Mantsha is going to return to Turfloop just in time for Christmas, as well as her grandson. Is the mysterious ghost Rachel or Jojo?

Charity is going to have the best Christmas out of all the characters on the show. She’s going to finally have her whole family, including Koko Mantsha and her boyfriend home for Christmas.

Glenda’s transformation…

Mantuli is going to shock her family by asking Kwaito to invite Elizabeth over for Christmas. This will be as a result of Glenda’s recent behavior; she’s the one that requested Sihle (Tbose’s ex-girlfriend) to return to Turfloop out of meanness. Glenda is no longer the sweet, shy and innocent woman that we’ve come to know. Expect a wicked Glenda in 2021 now that Lelo Mthiyane is out of the picture. In fact Lelo’s departure from the show has given Glenda room for growth and she might actually become a permanent cast on the show.

This does not mean that Kwaito will love her any less as Kwaito has fallen for rogues before. Exhibit A: Rachel Kunutu. Kwaito dated Rachel Kunutu in high school and even took her to their matric dance. Exhibit B: Lelo Mthiyane. Kwaito dated the ruthless Nompumelelo Mthiyane when she arrived in Turfloop.

The Matloga’s troubles begin…

Noah and his grandmother will get arrested and spend the night in jail and Leeto is going to shut the door on Mokgadi’s face. It is safe to say that the Matloga’s are not going to have a jolly festive season as Mary is going to be coaching Noah for the hearing and Mokgadi is going to be a ruin. The best thing out of this whole mess is that Leeto and Mokgadi’s marriage is over!

The Kgomo’s are going to look for answers from a Sangoma towards the end of the year, which will mean trouble for Leeto. Will Mokgadi spill the beans to confirm the Sangoma’s theory?

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