Skeem Saam’s DNA Result Shocks The Seakamela Sibling

Skeem Saam’s DNA Result Shocks The Seakamela Sibling

Since the death of Seakemala, MaNtulu household has turned upside down. While they were still mourning for Seakemala Pretty remembered how ruthless his father was treating her. She also remember about the DNA tests since Seakamela was not sure whether Pretty was his child or not.

MaNtuli guaranteed that Pretty is Seakamela and she proved that by showing her the DNA result. Then there was peace in the house until Charity ruined everything.

Charity told Kwaito that his father is not death and he must look for him. Then Kwaito started to think that he is not Seakamela and planned to do DNA test behind her mother back. However her mother find out and manage to stop him.

Pretty didn’t like that her mother stop the DNA test, so she went behind her back and do the result. According to Skeem Saam teasers May 2021, the result will come today and Kwaito is not Seakamela. The result will cause havoc in this family.

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