Slikour Opens Up About How His Song Black R Fools Ruined His Career

Slikour Opens Up About How His Song Black R Fools Ruined His Career

The South Africa talented star was once called a troublesome person after the release of his song, Blacks R Foolz in 2012, but Slikour who real name Siyabonga Methane did not stop creating a platform for artists to show their talents and express themselves.

Slikour experienced the hardships he had to struggle within one of his songs where he speaks of racism in the entertainment sector. The singer recently told Move magazine that he has no regrets over the song. “But I must remember that South Africa is a market that is sometimes not ready to hear the truth until they see it because now people post my song,” he said.

The song caught him in trouble, it brought him some bad luck, as after it was released, shows stopped coming his way and brands withdrew their cooperation. “So if I was going to play by those rules I would have had to go look for a job or I was never going to play in this space. But because it’s a space I’m passionate about it was either that or I build my own,” he said.

He started to believe that sometimes when people say no to you, it is the time to create your own space, instead of mourning the loss of cooperation from established brands, and he began building his own.

He believes that the best form of avenge is to forgive, he found out that some of the people within SABC hated him, but holds no grudge against them. “I never believe that it’s an institution that’s a problem, it is maybe individuals. So I will never be angry at the SABC, I know it was some of the people“ he said.

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