Somizi And Mohale Having A Third Wedding In Italy

Somizi And Mohale Having The Third Wedding In Italy

The media personality Somizi announce on the metro FM morning Breakfast show that he will be having the third wedding in Italy with his husband Mohale. The couple had 2 weddings recently, a traditional and white Wedding with 240 guests.

The couple claim that they are celebrating their love, but they are not planning to go to honeymoon right away as they are investing in their new home, but they will be flying off to Dubai and Coachella in April. After that, the wedding will take place in July, on Mohale birthday, and he states that they are inviting anyone who can afford to come

Somozi posted on his Instagram He said “when we decided to tell our wedding guest via invite that they will be no phones or cameras allowed beyond the venue. Most of they have a mini heart attack thinking about how they going to get through the day without their phone. The main reason for that was so that people can engage with each other and enjoy every moment with their naked eyes”.



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