Somizi Explains How He Got His Ex-Girlfriend Pregnant Being Gay

Somizi Explains How He Got His Ex-Girlfriend Pregnant Being Gay

Somgaga, as he is popularly known in social circles, opened about being gay and how he ended up with a daughter. Somizi Mhlongo who is openly gay says his dad noticed that he was gay at an early age but he used to cry about it when he was confronted. Even though he knew about it himself, he was embarrassed that it was too noticeable.

Mhlongo has a child with actress Palesa Madisakwane. They actually met when Somizi was already dating other men, Palesa could not help it but fall for him and they started dating. During their time together, Somizi came out as gay but by then Palesa was already expecting a child.


“When I met the mother of my daughter. I told her day 1. I’ve always been famous, from age 8 when I started TV programs. Girls were crazy about me and they thought I was cute. So she came to me and I told her that I like boys and I was 19. She thought it was a way of pushing her away. Then he said prove it to me and then we decided to hook up once. Now I have the most beautiful daughter, she is respectful, intelligent. She’s wonderful and gives credit to her mother. She did a great job,” Somizi said.

Even though Somizi’s relationship with her daughter’s mother Palesa Madisakwane didn’t work out, he remains grateful for the blessing he has that is his daughter Bahumi who is now 21 years old. He highlights that her mother did a very great job raising her.



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