Sophie Ndaba Is Hurt Of How People Are Attacking Her About Weight Loss [Painful].

Sophie Ndaba is Hurt Of How People Are Attacking Her About Weight Loss [Painful].

The former Generation actor Sophie (Queen) Ndaba is one of the most cherished actor in South Africa. The actress has loos a huge amount of weight since we got to know her from Generation and some people haven’t reacted kindly to it.

The actress has under attack for her weight loss and had often had jokes made about her, has again hit back to those who teased her. Last week the former actress shared some of the horrible comments that South Africa had made towards her after she started losing weight while being interviewed by Palesa Tembe.

“I think South Africa don’t realize the pain and journey of losing half of yourself and think its joke,” she said

She added “There is nobody that wants to lose half of themselves. There is nobody who wants to fight every day, while on the left and right you are getting attacked and behind you, because you can’t see at the same time who is attacking you and from where”

Last month the lockdown share that the hurtful comments and jokes affected both her private life and business.

“I am a human, of course, it affected me because I didn’t see it coming. I didn’t see the public coming. I didn’t see myself losing so much weight. There was trauma after trauma after trauma. You must remember that I am not just an actress, I have business… people who once trusted me with R10million or R5million projects, when they hear you are dying, why would they give you a contract?. It was a challenge of losing a lot”

She also revealed that last week her husband Max still received a message from women saying he was foolish to stay with her, as she was going to die. She said, “my husband is still getting a massage from silly women saying ‘that women is not for you, she’s dying’ but I am batter, so understanding, it’s a constant with the world too”.

Her marriage has suffered under attack from people who can’t mind their own business, but the two are still happy together and love each other as they always have.

Sophie who currently starring at ‘Lockdown’ said that she challenged those who presently speak about her and others to get tasted. “I said all those who call me names must go and get tasted. Before you start pointing your finger at your neighbor or anyone else, whatever you are pointing finger at, start with yourself”.

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