South African celebrities who can’t speak English properly

 South African celebrities who can’t speak English properly

Not being able to speak English or having a matric certificate has not stopped some of Mzansi’s rich and famous celebrities from continuing to make money. As much as education is important in order to make it in life, some of our stars continue to climb high regardless

Many of our youth with matric certificates and even degrees have not been able to get proper jobs in Mzansi. But some of our stars who have no matric, have not let that get in their way of making money. Some of them have gone on to become filthy rich. They have mansions, drive foreign cars, and wear designer clothes. Even though they were not able to finish school and speak broken English, they have used their talent to make a comfortable life for themselves. Hard work definitely pays off.

some South African citizens are not good at English, they can’t speak it fluently just as they do in their home languages.

Babes Wodumo

South African celebrities who can’t speak English properly

Babes Wodumo is one of the South African celebrities who speak broken English. Her broken English once made all the headlines but that’s not the case since English cant quantify one’s educational level.

Wodumo made it clear that she’s not a native speaker of English, and she never entered those fancy private schools, therefore she doesn’t owe anyone good English, she’s a Zulu speaker and she’s very proud to be one. Fans supported her on that statement and they also said people must just leave her alone to speak English anyhow she wants.

I remember this interview babes Wodumo was being interviewed alongside nasty cee and she said she colored her hair orange, though it was purple


South African celebrities who can’t speak English properly

Makhadzi the queen of Limpopo admitted that she’s very bad when it comes to English, which is why she always uses Sotho/Pedi as a language of communication.

She once went off the hook and talked about ‘public relationships’ instead of ‘public relations. However, the whole conservation went viral but she cared less.

Master KG

South African celebrities who can’t speak English properly

It was a difficult moment for Master KG during his first TV interview with Katlego Maboe of Expresso Morning show. With fans seeing their favorite musician on screen they were just glued. Master KG was determined in keeping the interview flowing in English, however, English showed him flames. There was a minor mistake when the presenter asked the musician what his favorite meal was.

He answered by saying that lunchbox was his favorite meal, fans were left in stitches right after the answer. The video has now become a new meme and has since gone viral on social media.

Master KG saw the video and went on to explain himself, he first laughed off the video and said that he actually meant KFC lunch box meal.

Thuthuka Mthembu

South African celebrities who can’t speak English properly

She’s best known for her stellar performances on Uzalo as Nonka. Barely a few months ago she was trending after she shared a series of broken English tweets that left Mzansi in stitches. She got dragged in such a way that she had to delete the tweet. Wow! Mzansi people!

Papa Penny

South African celebrities who can’t speak English properly

Musician and reality star Papa Penny cares less when it comes to speaking English. He has been dragged and trolled on several occasions because of his bad English but he doesn’t give a damn about it.  His fans have often come to his defense when he gets trolled about his bad English.We always keep our ears open waiting for him to crack English he is so funny, we love him we love his broken English

Sana Mchunu

South African celebrities who can’t speak English properly

She is best known for her bubbly character on Mzansi hit soapie Gomora.  Well, we all know that ‘Zodwa’ is very much terrible when it comes to speaking English. Apparently ‘Zodwa’ is not a good English speaker even in real life, yes she may hide it but she can’t speak proper English.

King Monada

South African celebrities who can’t speak English properly

King Monada whose real names are Khutso Steven Kgatle dropped out of school at grade 8 level and decide to pursue a music career. It worked for him, he’s doing music for a living and things are looking good for him. When he is being interviewed on any show his English is always terrible. This makes him be on this list.

Zodwa wa bantu

South African celebrities who can’t speak English properly

Zodwa Wabantu is a South African media personality, socialite, and dancer. She was born in the Zodwa Rebecca Libram region of South Africa. Her fame is prior to fact that she performs without underwear.

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