Tbo Touch Is exposed by angry employees

Tbo Touch Is exposed by angry employees

Former Metro FM DJ-turned businessman Tbo Touch has been accused of patronage out of his promises. His real name is Thabo Molefe has apparently failed to pay his staffers their retrenchment packages. This is after staffers were informed they wouldn’t get their retrenchment packages for this month due to COVID-19 outbreak.

The staff at Soweto TV hadn’t been paid on time. But Tbo Touch denied the allegations. “Just this month, instead of getting paid on 25 April, some got paid on the 1st, some on the 2nd and 3rd of this month”. Said inside source.

Several sources revealed that the staffers were unhappy with Tbo Touch. Especially after being seen on social media flying in and out of the country. Another informant said their sweat, blood and tear went unnoticed “We’re constantly told we should quit if we aren’t happy” the informant said.

Another source said they used to go all out and work extra hours to please their boss. “He would promise overtime but when you invoice or those extra hours, you’ll get nothing. He’ll tell us he is doing us a favor and there are millions of unemployed people who would die to be in our positions. If we feel like we deserve more, we must think of that”

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