Thandiswa Mazwai Opens Up About Her Being A Lesbian

Thandiswa Mazwai Opens Up About Her Being A Lesbian

One of South Africa’s most powerful women in the music world Thandiswa Mazwai has opened up about her journey of quitting dating men for women. Thandiswa who is in love with her female partner, had a Q&A session with her fans on Twitter yesterday.

The musician said she has a new documentary on the cards. She asked her fans which part of her story they would like to see her telling in the documentary. Her male secret admirer said he has always had a crush on her and asked whether it would be possible to go on a date with her, after the lockdown.


The musician responded “I stopped dating men about 14years ago. Men are nice and everything, but women are so much more, I’m sure you will agree”

Thandiswa revealed that she stopped dating men about 14 years ago. She said men are nice and everything but, women are more than that. Thandiswa could not stop gushing over her partner. She said her partner is selfless, loving, and committed.

“My partner is who I’m really co-parenting with. She has been so selfless, committed, and loving” she said. Thandiswa assured fans she will include the process of discovering she’s lesbian in her documentary.


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