The Entries For New Miss South Africa Are Open

The Entries For New Miss South Africa Are Open

Entries for 2020 Miss South Africa are officially open and they will close on Sunday 31st May midnight. Organizers of the pageant are hopeful that this year they will receive more entries, following the crowning of former Miss SA Zozibini Tunzi who is now the ruling Miss Universe.

The CEO of the Miss South Africa Organisation, Stephanie said “Last year’s pageant was hugely successful, with a record number of entries and the most diverse line-up of contestants in the history of the contest. The crowning glory was the eventual winner Zozibini Tunzi going on to take the Miss Universe crown and capturing the imagination of people both home and abroad. Tunzi has to be one of the best-loved and inspirational winners the pageant has ever produced”

Stephanie said the pageant will go ahead regardless of the pandemic of the deadly coronavirus, and they have launched a new campaign and Zozibini Tunzi has been shown as the face of that campaign.

“Long before Covid-19, we were planning our rebranding and a new look for a new decade. This week we launched our new logo with the tagline Face Your Power. Embrace Your Future. No longer is Miss South Africa just a once-off event; it’s now a year-round business and a brand that provides both a leading voice for women’s rights and a platform to effect social change. On Monday we will be opening entries online and it will be full steam ahead.” She said.

“We had already streamlined our entry process last year when we went online so nothing really has changed with the lockdown. We will be searching for talented young women throughout the country. Our main goal is to bring about hope and showcase women empowerment through the Miss South Africa platform and we believe that in any format this will be something that the whole country will get behind” She said.

Miss SA will be expected to do a lot of work online this year since the pandemic continues. “By doing a lot of meets and greets online she will be able to reach and inspire even more, young women across the country. Our main goal is to make Miss South Africa attainable and through online interaction, this will make it easier. I think this year people will be engaging with, and listening to, the young woman who eventually holds the title of Miss South Africa 2020 more than ever.” she said.

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