Dear readers today we focus on the latest departed Generation actor known as Mavusana. Mavusana is his stage name and he has been entertaining us for almost 3 years as a Generations: The Legacy actor. His contract with Generations came to an end last month and he was not looking to extend. That is the reason why he was murdered in the story, that was a termination of his contract. But let’s get this article underway with REAL LIFE FACTS about Mavusana.

Mavusana’s real name is Emmanuel Nkosinathi Gweva. He was born on the 6th of June in 1983 & is currently 38 years of age. Throughout his career he has played the role of Thina Sobalisi in The Two Of Us which occurred back in 2014.

Now let’s look at how educated the man is. Nkosinathi Gweva went to FUBA School of Drama and Visual Arts. In this institution Nkosinathi Gweva was able to obtain his first certificate in 2004. You can never question the enthusiasm of this man.

Another real life factor that most of us might not know about Nkosinathi Gweva is that he is not only an actor but also takes part in terms of Corporate work. Nkosinathi Gweva was the assistant director on “Walls” back in 2011. The short film was a jem for sure. However that’s not all, he was also an assistant director for “What Goes Around” back in 2010 as well as being a Co-director in “Botsang Lebitla” in 2009.

Nkosinathi Gweva has had his fair share of cars in the past few years. The first car which we drove was a Gusheshe back in 2006. He bought this car just 2 years after obtaining his Certificate in Drama & Visual Arts.

The love life of Nkosinathi Gweva remains anonymous and has/can not be published to the world. So we cannot confirm whether Nkosinathi is taken or single.

Now let’s look at his net worth. Over the years Nkosinathi Gweva has appeared a total of 189 appearances on soapies and 7 times on different films or movies. All this together have contributed to his net worth of approximately R479 000.

That’s how we conclude our article today, be sure to leave a comment and share the article with others.


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