The New Drama The Omen Has Dropped 5 Former Muvhango Actors   

The New Drama The Omen Has Dropped 5 Former Muvhango Actors   

Mzansi Magic’s new drama, The Omen was forced to drop five farmer Muvhango actors from its planed actors after the MultiChoice‘s decided to change drama language from Venda to Pedi. Candy Moloi, Millicent Mkhando, Sylvester Makhado, and Mulalo Mudau were among those who auditioned for roles in The Omen held in Venda, Limpopo, Randburg, and Johannesburg.

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They got the roles and their names were submitted to Multichoice for confirmation. The interment later dropped a bombshell on the production company, Magic Film, ordering it to change the drama’s setting and language.

Maduvha Madima who played the role of Vele in Muvhango has also auditioned for the role in the drama, and her name was among those that were sent to multiChoice for confirmation.

Muvhango top actor Gabriel and Millicent names and pictures were purportedly used to promote the drama on social media without their knowledge, supposedly creating holes between the producers and the actors as they wanted answers since they never made it to the show.

But sources close to the production said unlike Makhado, Temudzani had not auditioned for the role on the Mzansi Magic drama, and they said it was not clear if the poster were authorized by the production company.

The executive producers and directors of Magic Drum Film confirmed that all five farmer Muvhango actors including Madima had auditioned for the role in their drama, and he said their names were among those submitted to Miltchoice for consideration.

“They had auditioned for Venda characters, but because of the channel’s instruction to change the language of the drama, they could not be considered,” he said.

The channel’s decision, according to Mukwevho, was communicated to the production company after having finalized a list of actors to consider for the roles in the drama. The scripts were ready from episode one, and because of the decision, we had to start from scratch” he said.

Mukwevho said he saw the posters of Temudzani on social media indicating that he was part of the drama, but he said the actor never auditioned for the role in Drama. Temudzani said he knew nothing about his links to The Omen, and did not remember auditioning for a role in the drama.

Mukhado confirmed that she auditioned, but she said she thought she did not make it “I thought maybe they changed the direction when I saw Pedi people on the drama” she said.

Madima said her case was different from those who auditioned for Venda role “I auditioned for the role of a daughter of the witch with Pedi crew. I only heard about the Venda auditions, but I did not go” she said.

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