The Queen Actress Zenande Mfenyana Threaten To Expose Somebody

The Queen Actress Zenande Mfenyana Threaten To Expose Somebody

Actress zenande Mfenyana has left social media users bustling after she threatened to spill some tea. The actress did not specify what her expose was about but many assumed it was about The Queen. She recently came to the Fergusons’ defence after gossip smeared them in a bad light.

Zenande took to social media on Sunday evening in an angry rage. She said that she has been quiet for too long. She went on to say that people who think themselves as perfect would soon pay.

Curious social media users begged the actress to open up.

Someone must have spoken with Zenande Mfenyana and told her not to be too emotional and rather focus on the pregnancy because she completely changed her tune in the morning and wrote ” Good morning friends, Le Shap bo Dali? i’m calmer today, cant put any sttress on Ballerina. I can conclude gore le rata di taba tho, wow”

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