The Queen “Goodness” Zenande Mfenyane Not Happy About The Abuse From Experienced Actors

 The Queen “Goodness” Zenande Mfenyane Not Happy About The Abuse From Experienced Actors

There is a debate on twitter and the topic is youngster actresses contrasted with experienced actors. This began when the well-known Scriptwriter Phatu Makwarela gave her opinion on the abuse she feels young actresses suffer from those who have been in the business for a very long time.

Phathu Makwarela tweet “The day young and upcoming actresses open up about the abused they’ve had to endure at the hands of established actresses that we generate, we’ll have no one to stun. Some of our idols don’t make imminent retirement well”.

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Rami was the first actress to share her views on the matter, she said she doesn’t have time to fight with the youngsters and that for her as long as they are willing to learn, she’s always willing to help them. Rami went on and says she does have time for those who just want the public interest. It also does not sit right to her if they come unprepared and stand there with a mouth full of teeth and blank faces. Rami she says she is over 40 and certainly is not going to waste her time fighting with a 25-year-old.

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Someone who has experience abused first hand is Zenande. She’s playing the role of Goodness in The Queen. Zenande said that she is not ready to reveal her experiences just yet as she does not have the courage to speak about it openly, but when she is, she will tell the story. She did say that the abuse from older to the young actress has to stop.

“I experience this, and one day I’ll have the courage to speak up it openly. The abuse from elder actresses onto younger ones must stop!!! Enough is enough! Said Zenende.

Abomama actress Nokuthula Mavuso voiced her opinion and said that the young actors have to be held accountable for their actions. She said that she knows of a young actress who constantly wasted everyone’s time by coming to work unprepared.

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