The Reason Skeem Saam Is The Best Educational Show

The Reason Skeem Saam Is The Best Educational Show

Skeem Saam covers a multiplicity of topics from sexual harassment, homosexuality, toxic work environments, unskilled police forces, black tax, etc. The show touches on everything that South Africans go through as realistically as possible and it works and shows in the storylines.

The show might not have the best cast but it beats other shows on educating and informing viewers hands down. It’s also a family show; there are hardly any, actually never any sex-scenes or kissing moments and you never feel bored from watching it because the storylines keep you fascinated every time.

They have a great scriptwriting department that comprehensively researches topics and gives those topics to characters that would best deliver the stories we see on our screens. They have also cleverly managed to retain 90% of the cast by great character development through the years.

For example; before Clement came out that he was gay, there were signs of him being gay from when he was a little boy on the show. He did stuff, liked pink, and never had a girlfriend. Even when the viewer misses these kinds of clues, they’ll remind us by going back in time.

The creator of the show; Winnie Seriti herself was a scriptwriter for years for other shows before she created Skeem Saam. So, you can bet that she’s heavily involved and knows her actor’s lines before they do.

The current sexual harassment storyline of Nimza Kunutu is another great example of how a man can grow into a sexual raider and how to avoid getting into such a situation. The lesson in the current storyline: Nimza’s inability to let go of his ex-girlfriend could ruin his future.

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