The Reason Why Generation Star Tau And Zitha Breakup

The Reason Why Generation Star Tau And Zitha Breakup

Generations The Legacy actors; Zitha and Tau have called it quits after dating for two years. Zitha apparently fell-in-love with Tau after their characters; Tau and Zitha were in a romantic relationship a few years on the show. The two made it official two years ago when they were seen at numerous events together. Zitha was against making their relationship public at first because of her previous benign relationships with her baby-daddies; Robert Marawa and Lebo M Morake.

Zitha called it quits because Tau was apparently unfaithful to her. Zitha has actually been having a terrible time on set since their break and has been arriving drunk and sometimes tipsy on set. Zitha was arrested last year when she was caught drinking and driving and was released on bail.

Zitha has admitted in several interviews that she suffers from anxiety disorder and sources say she also has drinking problems. While her bosses and fans admire her work, there are sources who claim that she could soon find herself unemployed if she doesn’t form up because she’s not handling the break-up well.

Sources also claim that the real reason Tau moved to Mzansi Magic’s number one show; The Queen was because he needed a break from Zitha and couldn’t handle the heat between them anymore. Zitha actually had her hopes high on their relationship because they had a great connection on-set, behind the scenes and they were good friends.

She was outwardly given some time off work so she can combine herself and get back to her old self. Tau is seemingly a notorious womanizer in the industry and this may be one of the reasons that led to his wife divorcing him.

Apparently, some of Zitha’s friends warned her against dating Tau but Zitha listened to her heart instead of her head and some are now laughing behind her back for even dating him in the first place.

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Generations The Legacy Actress Zitha Suffers Emotional Breakdown After Break Up With Her Real Life Boyfriend Tau Mogale

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