The Reason Why Wallet From Skeem Saam Will Never Get Married In Real Life

The Reason Why Wallet From Skeem Saam Will Never Get Married In Real Life

Skeem Saam’s “most educated” actor, Molefi Monaisa who plays Wallet, an unmarried, fun, intelligent and well-spoken fellow who sometimes sticks his nose in people’s businesses, is actually not married in real life.

Molefi, who’s turning 50 years of age soon once said that he does not llike the idea of getting married because it stood in his way to ‘life’

Molefi’s made a debut on Skeem Saam in 2011 and has captured lots of fans since, keeping them attached to their screens week in and week out with his pompous high sounding British prodigious lexicon.

Molefi Monaisa

In real life, however, he has never set foot in that country, neither does he have the accent.

Fans would also be startled to learn that he doesn’t have a tertiary certificate apart from an acting certificate he got from Method Actors Centre in Pretoria.

He says he couldn’t proceed from high school because his parents couldn’t afford to pay tuition fees for his university.

As portrayed in the show, the 49-year-old poet does not have a wife or children of his own. He prefers to live his bachelor’s life – alone.

Molefi Monaisa

He says he is very much happy alone with no family commitments.

It looks like that is the way so many people have chosen to live their lives nowadays – especially those from the said soapie, Skeem Saam.

Quite recently, Actress Pebetsi Nolo Matlaila who plays the role of entertainment journalist Mokgadi Matloga also revealed that she too doesn’t want to get married in future and prefers to live her life alone.

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