The River Fans Are Happy About Lindani And Tumi’s Divorce

The River Fans Are Happy About Lindani And Tumi’s Divorce

Tumi and Lindani are the foulest actors on The River. They are quail-worthy, emotionless, and annoying as a pair and feed off each other’s terrible energy.  Tumi wasn’t as terrible with Zolani and Mabutho because they’re both very talented actors in evaluation to Lindani.

So, the ending of this marriage is a huge favor to the fans and a great advantage to the show. We liked them in the beginning when they were still flirting and hunger for each other because they seemed more natural and plain.

But since Tumi cheated on Lindani they’ve shown us that their roles are too big for them. Like yesterday when Lindani dropped the Divorce word on Tumi, she struggled to beg him to stay. We don’t expect Tumi to be classy because we understand she’s ghetto.

We just expect her to be more in touch with her lines, make us believe that she really wants the marriage. If she’s faking it too, make us believe that she doesn’t really want the marriage anymore. Anything but whatever she’s currently doing would be better.

Lindani has this wall and he’s cold, even when he’s crying you want him to stop. He actually deserves to be cheated on because he’s a terrible actor.   We are not hoping for Tumi to end up with either Zolani or Mabutho because those ships have sailed.

Maybe she could go out there, explore and find herself, find out who she is and what she really wants. The reason she cheated on Lindani is that she’s no longer the Kasi (township) and tsotsi-taal Tumi we were introduced to. She’s tasted money and loves it and wants more of it because of h her mother’s influence.

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