The River Viewers Are Tired Of Emma And Want Her To Go

The River Viewers Are Tired Of Emma And Want Her To Go

The River’s latest addition Emma played by Lunathi Mampofu since her arrival has been a bristle in Lindiwe’s side and it seems she is starting to be one with viewers.Emma is showing to be a strong match for Lindiwe and has managed to beat all of Lindiwe’s efforts to get rid of her. While Zolani is head over heels in love with Emma, Lindiwe is the total opposite and has gone out of her way to expose Emma for being a fraud but has failed each time.

Viewers seem to be getting tired of Emma’s winning and Lindiwe’s continual defeat. The award-winning drama is about to lose viewers as some are tired of seeing Emma’s face on screens and ready for Lindiwe to get rid Emma.

As much as viewers want to see Emma go, The River’s creative producer Bonga Percy Vilakazi doesn’t understand why South African viewers always pulling a trigger for a character’s job as that someone’s jobs at the end of the day. “Why are South African viewers always gunning for characters’ deaths? Just because we feel the story is taking too long, or sibhorekile, or whatever the reason. It’s so confusing,” tweeted Bonga.

Twitters responded to Bonga and said that at the end viewers have become used to the fact that no one messes with Lindiwe and gets away with it and that’s is why with Emma viewers have the same expectations.

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Interesting Things You Should Know About Emma From The River

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