The River’s Linda Mtoba Dragged For Not Cooking For Her Husband

The River’s Linda Mtoba Dragged For Not Cooking For Her Husband

Linda Mtoba has hit back once again at people who have decided put her life as a mother and a wife under a light microscope. This time the actress had to defend the choice of not wanting to cook for her husband. The River actress has never shied away from slamming her criticizers and putting them in their place. This time they came at her sideways for choosing to not cook for her husband.

Many people have this perception that a woman, whether married or not, should cook, clean and maintain their homes. As a woman who is married, these duties are according to society dynamic and have to be carried out. For the actress who is very busy, she leaves it to the helpers to help her keep her home in place.

Linda hit back at her criticizers and told them that she does not need to cook every day in order to prove her worth to her husband. She also added that her husband loves to see her living the soft life and getting pampered instead of breaking a sweat.

“The oddest thing is women trying to shame me because I don’t cook,” she laughed. “We all have different lifestyle choices I prefer to cook when I feel like it. It’s not a chore I need to do everyday. I don’t have to prove my worth through domestication. Even if I hated it & didn’t want to do it’s my choice to make.”

“Woman must stop this notion of domestication as a badge of honor especially in marriage. Let other woman be. Our love Languages are not the same. Our marriages are not the same, some of our husbands like to see us relaxing & pampered being soft.”

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