The River’s Zweli Dikana Shares His Views On Bushiri

The River’s Zweli Dikana Shares His Views On Bushiri

Actor; Hlomla Dandala who plays the role of Zweli Dikana on The River feels that South Africans are underprivileged of sharing their views about xenophobia as they are quick to be labeled as xenophobic. The actor who acted on Isidingo and Scandal went on to say;

“South Africans are not against all foreigners rather, they are against illegal foreigners. ”Apparently South Africa has 15 million illegal immigrants living in South Africa. And they don’t all live in Johannesburg, Durban, and Pretoria central’s business districts.

The actor believes that most foreign nationals are living in air-inured offices, airy restaurants, and expensive mansions in green suburbs; doing business, buying RDP’s or starting exclusive industries. The actor believes that these businesses often pay little to no tax at all.  “The foreign nationals often marry for citizenship, cornering labor sectors, etc”.

“Between a corrupt government and famous people of influence who chastise South Africans for wanting protection from illegal immigration, a dangerous narrative is brewing that conflates a resistance to insidious occupation by foreigners with provincial myopia. This is a false narrative. It’s a lie designed to lull you into accepting a trend of unspoken secret, parasitic behavior.”


Dandala went on to say famous people and the corrupt government are quick to judge any South African who speaks up about illegal immigrants, making it seem as if there is something wrong with having illegal immigrants in the country and are actually ready to defend the immigrants making South Africans appear to be xenophobic.

With regards to Bushiri’s case, the actor said: “How will an international investor trust that their investment is safe in South Africa when we can’t protect our borders or hold a Bushiri inside the country? This is just one of the big fallout issues that emanate from the illegal immigrant invasion.”

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