This Is How The Queen Plans To Raise Shaka From The Dead

This  Is How The Queen Plans To Raise Shaka From The Dead

The Queen fans were excited to learn that Shaka (SK) Khoza would be making a return to the show after he was controversially killed off the show 7 months ago. Many were left lost as to how Shaka would be fused back into the show. In the interview with Iharare shake explain his return.

Shaka’s character is set to return to distress some feathers. SK Khoza completely revealed that his character would return as a different person. “After Shaka was allegedly killed by his brother, he had some time off to gather his thoughts for almost seven months. He will return as a different person who will no longer be the Shaka that everyone knew since the inception of the show, who is the glue of the family”, he said.

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The Queen has been getting major talking points both good and bad on social media after they allegedly fired fan-favorite Kea, played by Dineo Moeketsi. The Fergusons denied firing her

On his return, Shaka added: “After the incident where Kagiso tried to kill him, it will be difficult for him to know who he can trust and who he cannot trust. He won’t even trust his favorite uncle Brutus,” he said

The 31-year-old actor  S K Khoza disproved reports that he was fired from The Queen. “We live in a country where people like to speak before they know all the information and facts and they rely on hearsay. About seven months ago, news about the character dying came out about at least a month before the character died”, he said.

Khoza added “It hurts how people were happy to say I am a hard person to work with and how I make production difficult. It is painful because all those things were not true”.


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