This Is How Amaboys Will Kill KK From Muvhango

This Is How Amaboys Will Kill KK From Muvhango

Muvhango has been really interesting lately. With the drama evolving on James and Marang planning their wedding and KK on the other hand clashing with these secretive creatures; that he bought to give him wealth.

It turns out KK’s wealth didn’t come from hard work alone. He bought muthi to help him get the money. These fairy-tale creatures so called Amaboys in the drama now wants payback from KK for the money and status they gave him.

They want a sacrifice and they want KK to kill his son Kgosi as a sacrifice to Amaboys. But KK refuses to sacrifice his beloved son. And denying Amaboys the sacrifice will not end well. In these recent episodes the Amaboys has been disturbing KK and KK has been struggling.

This is how Amaboys will kill KK

Amaboys will kill KK with a car accident. After a long battle with the Amaboys; KK will die shame and Kgosi will inherit his father’s wealth.

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