This Is How Captain Mpambani Will Exist Uzalo

This Is How Captain Mpambani Will Exist Uzalo

According to Uzalo spokesman Nomfundo Zondi, Jet character of captain Mpambani will be killed, meaning he will exist the show for good. “But Viewers will see him until 14 May” Said Nomfundo. He said his last two of episodes will be like an action movie.

“Captain Mpambani will be killed by Nkunzi, played by Masoja Msiza, in the episode 50, which will be on the 13 May. Viewers will see his body on the 14th of May. We expect actions and emotions” said Nomfundo.

Novuka’s future on Uzalo allegedly depend on Thandeka Dawn who is also leaving the show. Insider said the producers couldn’t grow his storyline after Manqcobo character was killed. Manqcobo will be last seen on the 26 of April 2021.

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