Here Is A Reason Why People Think Thulani Shange Is A Gay

Here Is A Reason Why People Think Thulani Shange Is A Gay

South Africa actor Thulani Shange is a talented actor who has been in numerous local productions playing many different roles. As a good actor you need to be able to act out any character. It’s sad that many of our actors end up being recognized by the characters they have played.

One of his most memorable role would be his role on Uzalo. He quickly became one of the favorite characters on the popular Uzalo on SABC1. He and his brother had come to hit back the death of their father Khathaza who was Lindiwe’s husband. They did what their father couldn’t.

They brought Nkunzi down and took away everything they owned with Lindiwe. It was a joy to watch the brothers setting their plans in motion. Sadly the Ngwane brothers had to leave the production as it was rumored that there was some problems between him and the producers of the show.

Well even with the recent character that he played on Uzalo it seems like people haven’t forgotten the role he played as a gay man. He played a hot role of a gay man on the Ikhaya series where he was a secret lover to Lindani Mbatha on the show.

It would seem like people are still hung up on the character that he portrayed there and they think he performed it so well because he was gay. The truth is that Thulani Shange has proven to be a private person off camera. We haven’t seen him with any woman or man up to now and that has left people to make their own assumptions.

Many people seem to forget that as an actor you need to top every role given to you, Thulani Shange do well the role because he is an excellent actor. People sometimes forget that actors are only playing a role and that they have separate and different lives from the ones they play on the shows.

Sindi Dlathu has been constantly accused of living with HIV and this is all because of the role she once played on Soul City many years ago. She too was given a role to play and as an actress she acted the role and top it, she made it seem real and believable because that’s her job. Same way Thulani Shange fulfilled his role on Ikhaya.

Thulani Shange is yet to speak out about the allegations that he might be a member of the LGBTQ community.

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