Mzansi Is Left confused after watching the latest episode of Uthando Nesthembu. Viewers no longer understand how and when did Musa and Makhumalo meet? How did Makhumalo build houses for wives, and who came before her? People want to know how did she attend weddings of wives who came before her, as a wife as well?

MaYeni is the third wife and Thobile is the 4th wife. Thobile thought MaYeni was not a wife because she was still staying at home. Thobile came in as a lady in construction and worked for Musa in his office. MaYeni was paid to lobola while she was still staying at her home, because her father said she can’t go to Mseleku’s while she doesn’t have a house and Thobile was not aware. She just knew about MaCele as first wife and MaSaule as second wife.

Musa Mseleku has revealed that his late wife Sindy choose to be the bigger person when he told her was in a relationship with Makhumalo, she said she wanted to assess Makhumalo and see how she is.

Makhumalo Explaining How She Met Musa And His Other Four Wife’s

Makhumalo dated Musa Mseleku, and she was working in his office. As she was working in his office, MaSaule would go to the office, where Musa introduced Makhumalo to MaSaule as the lady that works at the office. After some time, Makhumalo’s relationship with MaSaule grew rapidly more than her relationship with Musa until she finds out what is actually happening. They spoke about it, and she continued working at the office.

Sindy was a great wife who also encourages Musa to build a house for Makhumalo. It was revealed during the episode that MaSaule passed away in 2008 and the house was build in 2009. MaSaule helped them in making decision because there was no wife in Mzumbe.

MaYeni’s house was build by Makhumalo, when Makhumalo came to Mzumbe after her Lobola. There was MaCele house which was already standing. The intention behind finishing off the house was so that MaYeni could live in it because she was coming in. But because there was another house, they thought they should hold off on MaCele’s house and carry on with it later. They decided to leave it as MaCele wasn’t living there, instead they build a house for MaYeni.

They finished off the house and then MaNgwabe came in. Her house was also completed by them. That’s how MaYeni, MaKhumalo and MaNgwabe were living in Mzumbe. Makhumalo was also present at the wedding of MaYeni and Musa.

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