Thuli Phongolo Confirm Rumors That She Is Dating Duduzani Zuma By Sharing His Video On Her Instagram

Thuli Phongolo Confirm Rumors That She Is Dating Duduzani Zuma By Sharing His Video On Her Instagram

Former Generations actress Thuli Phongolo,has set off rumors that she might be dating Duduzane Zuma, after posting a video of him doing his million-dollar walk on her Instagram stories. The actress recently said she does not know who Duduzane is. This is after a Twitter user accused Duduzane of lying in his recent interview with Mac-G where he also denied that he and Thuli are not an item.

The Twitter user said he would like to be like Duduzane when he grows up so that he can definitely lie like him. Thuli caught wind of the tweet and decided to hit back by saying Duduzane responded so what more do people want.

Another Twitter user wrote “Truthful and Powerful words from you always…Thuli is it really so, are you dating Duduzane…I am fed up with this story doing the rounds….we really don’t want anything to go by ruining your BRAND.” to which Thuli decided to put the rumors to rest and said she does not know him.

But now it seems he knows him because she has even decided to post him on her Instagram account. The two have been rumored to be an item. This follows after Thuli recently went on a Warm vacation in Dubai and posted a snap of her bae hiding his face and tweeps speculated that her boyfriend’s tattoo looks like Duduzane’s tattoo, who has also moved to Dubai.

In a recent interview with Podcaster Mac G, Duduzane decided to set the record straight when Mac-G asked him whether they are an item with Thuli or not, initially, Duduzane said he didn’t even need to answer the question as it is his business.

Then he asked Mac G if Thuli had ever commented on the matter. When Mac G pressed him for it, he made it clear that he has never met Thuli let alone date her.”Thuli is a beautiful young woman, doing her thing, and l wish her all the best. I don’t know her and l have never met her.”

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