Top Powerful Female Actors In South Africa, [Fabulous]

Top Powerful Female Actors In South Africa, [Fabulous]

IN the past, powerful characters on television were men in suits. But the tables have turned and women are getting more and more powerful roles on TV. from 2016 up until 2020 the industry is pilling with new and powerful actors that will blow your mind away.

Here is a List Of Top Powerful Female Actors In South Africa

  1. Sindi Dlathu

the river sindi dlathu

The River: After being on Muvhango for 20 years playing a successful businesswoman, Sindi Dlathu is now on The River on 1Magic and she is making jaws drop with her brilliant acting, playing Lindiwe. Twitter was left in complete disbelief by Zweli’s reaction after he found out that Lindiwe had lied to him about Thato Mokoena’s as well as Tumi’s attempted she left the house With nothing but two black bags in hand, and tweeps couldn’t believe it What Refilwe holds for Lindiwe is yet to be seen. But one thing we know is we’re here for all the drama Sindi, said that although The River has kept her busy, she loves it.

2. Dawn Thandeka King

uzalo dawn thandeka king

  Uzalo: Thandeka Dawn King is one of the actresses responsible for keeping South African’s hooked on their Television sets thanks to her exemplary acting skills. The actress has won the Golden Award for Best Actress in a Lead Role in a TV Drama once and the nominations for more keep coming. She is famously known for her role as Lindiwe MaNgcobo on the SABC1 drama show called Uzalo. Thandeka is also a singer, MC, and motivational speaker Thandeka Dawn King; who is a celebrated South African award-winning actress. With all the success to her name, the queen stresses that despite all these necessary attributes, patience is critical, seeing that many people gave up when they were about to strike gold The show is about two affluent families, the Mdletshes and the Xulus. Dawn Thandeka King plays MaNgcobo. MaNgcobo knows how to operate a gun and when the occasion arises, she shoots bullets like a man.

3. Moshidi Motshengwa

moshidi motshwega

The River: Moshidi Motshengwa– Actress This is an amazing actress, incredible in many ways and she is what I call the rare type. She can be given a boring and mellow role but she will turn it into something you think of when someone drops the name of the show. She can mold herself into anything. Moshidi used to portray an obsessed, mentally unstable and psychotic Naomi on Rhythm City. She has been in the entertainment industry for close to two decades. Moshidi had been featured in numerous local as well as international movies and Television shows owing to her prowess in both genres. She has managed to win several accolades in Africa owing to her gift in acting. Lately, she was seen on The river show as MMalefu, yet again she has not lost her touch when it comes to acting,her fans were disappointed to hear that her role is coming to the end.  She is estimated to have a net worth of $8 million

4. Ramie Chuene

the queen ramie chuene

The Queen: Ramie Chuene, she used to portray the role of gracious “T-Gom” and unfortunately her role has come to an end after rumours surfaced on social media regarding her and the producer of the show didn’t see eye to eye, so she resigned from the show. She emerged as the unlikely queen of television superwomen. Chuene has been on a winning streak since her days as the vengeful Khomotjo in Muvhango, and as the unsmiling Lindiwe in Harvest. Chuene’s loyal fans from her days on Backstage, Scandal!, Hijack Stories, Inkaba, Justice for All and Isidingo have always known of her magic ingredient which is sincerity. Chuene’s portrayal of any character, no matter how trivial, goes beyond believability. She is multi-layered and deliciously textured as a performer

5. Thembi Nyandeni

Isibaya:  Thembi Nyandeni

Isibaya:  Thembi Nyandeni plays the role of Mkabayi Zungu in Isibaya, isibaya is a soapie that revolves around the taxi industry and the violence that results from it. In the soapie, the award-winning actress plays a tough, straight-talking and ready for action woman who is involved in the taxi business with her brother. The actress has been seen many times on the show being fearless and giving the men a run for their money. The opinionated Mkabayi has been on the show since its inception in 2014.

6. Connie Ferguson

the queen connie fergusons

The Queen:  Actress Connie Ferguson plays Harriet Khoza, when her husband died at the beginning of the show, she had to toughen up and take care of the family. Harriet has been on the show for three seasons but every time she uses a swear word, tweeps are still surprised to hear her use such language. Connie’s character usually comes across as a sophisticated businesswoman, but she is also not afraid to use some swear words if it helps her to get her way

7. Manaka Ranaka

 Generation: Manaka Ranaka

 Generation: Manaka Ranaka portrays the ex-convict Lucy Diale in the TV soapie Generations: The Legacy. Although the actress played a villain once, she now has such a lovable character. Manaka Ranaka, who plays Lucy, is one of those characters that grew up in the township with her mom, brother, and teenage daughter. She runs her own shebeen. She is a strict, ghetto wife who takes no nonsense from anyone, including her drunken customers. Her perfected pantsula dance moves are to die for.


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