Trevor Noah and Jordyn Taylor have broken up

The romance is dead

Trevor Noah and Jordyn Taylor have broken up

After 2 years together, Trevor Noah and US real estate agent Jordyn Taylor call it quits

While Trevor was keeping his personal life a secrete , rumours concerning their romance initially  emerged  towards the end of 2015.

International media reported that Jordyn had actually evidently moved right into Trevor’s apartment fairly very early in their love days.

And also throughout an interview on Real Talk with Anele Mdoda in 2016, Trevor admitted that he was totally infatuadted but he really did not give excessive detail.

Despite the fact that Trevor and Jordyn tried to maintain their romance away from the limelight, their baecations in Bali, Mexico and also numerous red carpet appearances with each other painted a clear image.

Taking to Instagram Stories on Friday night, Jordyn validated to fans that she and also Trevor had actually split.

She made the statement during a Q&A session with followers after opening regarding her solo vacay.

” Do you love Trevor Noah,” one fan asked Jordyn.

Jordyn stated that half the concerns in her inbox had to do with Trev.

” Of course Certainly I him. Exactly how could you not love him? I him so much but you guys ought to know we broke up this previous summertime but yeah I love him.”


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