Tshegofatso Pule’s ‘killer’ had brushes with The law before ( Get The Full Story OF What Really Happened)

Tshegofatso Pule’s ‘killer’ had brushes with The law before ( Get The Full Story OF What Really Happened)


The man who is accused of killing Tshegofatso Pule has had run-ins with the law, including being charged for attempted murder and possession of a suspected stolen vehicle.

The Sowetan journalist saw all of these cases in the police profiling report yet all of them were later on withdrawn

According to Malephane’s mother and some of his neighbours in Zondi, Soweto, he is a “peaceful man who is not capable” of the gruesome murder he is accused.

Malephane’s mother said her son would not have any reason to kill anyone for money as she took care of him.

She said she knew very little about her son’s dealings as he left the home three years ago.

“I am really shocked about what has happened. My son has three children with different mothers. I take care of them… Why would he kill a woman? He does not need any money,” she said.

“I am praying every day for God to help me cope with what I am currently facing.”

She said she found out that something bad had happened to her son when the police called her a few days ago to come and fetch her car after he was arrested.

Tshegofatso pule

Malephane was returning from Mpumalanga on Monday when he was nabbed by the police in connection with Pule’s murder.

He appeared in the Roodepoort magistrate’s court on Wednesday, facing charges of premeditated murder. He abandoned a bail application.

In April last year, he was caught doing 161km/h in a 120km/h zone. He pleaded guilty to the charges and paid an admission of guilt fine of R1,000.

Here is a list of Crimes He committed Before


In July, police again detained him for being in possession of a “presumably” stolen vehicle. The case was, however, withdrawn according to police records.

In November 2012, Malephane was arrested for attempted murder, which involved a firearm, but this case too was also withdrawn.

In the same year, he was also arrested for attempted burglary but his case was later withdrawn.

In 2007, he was arrested for pointing “something that is likely to lead a person to believe if (sic) a firearm”. That case was withdrawn.


According to a statement taken by the police from Malephane, he allegedly confessed to killing Pule, saying the murder was planned together with a man that Pule knew.

He was allegedly promised R70,000 for the murder.

Pule’s body was found stabbed and hanging from a tree in a veld in Roodepoort two weeks ago.

She was eight months pregnant when she was murdered.

Pule was last seen on Thursday, June 4, after leaving her home in Soweto to visit her boyfriend. Although her body was found the next day, her family only positively identified her on Monday June 8.

She was laid to rest on Thursday last week.

Police spokesperson Capt Kay Makhubele said: “When we do our investigations we can’t just publish every step of our investigation. You want news but we want a conviction in court. A conviction can only happen when we do our things confidentially.”


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