Tshidi From Generations And Her Girlfriend Threatened With Firearm

Tshidi From Generations And Her Girlfriend Threatened With Firearm

Sunday World reported that a firearm was pointed at Generations: The Legacy actress Letoya Makhene who plays Tshidi Mogale-Moroka in an intense domestic violence argument involving her lover Lebohang Keswa and her cousin.

South Africans came close to losing the actress and her girlfriend a few weeks ago when a firearm was pointed at them at Keswa’s grandmother’s house. Makhene’s girlfriend has had to obtain a protection order against her cousin at the Randfontein magistrate’s court on August 26. She also instructed her cousin to vacate the house which once belonged to their grandmother, who passed away earlier this year.

The cousins are at combative over the legacy house that had belonged to their grandmother and later her daughter, Keswa’s mother, who recently passed on. The incident apparently happened two days after Keswa’s mother’s burial and disturbed her mourning process.

Makhene and her girlfriend are apparently still shaken and are in counseling as they fear for their live Lebohang Keswa had this to say: “We are staying at the house because we need to mourn my mother’s death accordingly but [my cousin] has really been harassing us so much that we are struggling to mourn and ­peace in our hearts,”

Keswa explained to Sunday World. “It disturbs me that he is only coming to the house now that my grandmother and moth mother have passed on. He has not been visiting home for a very long time, but now that the two are no more, he wants to come and claim the house for himself, that’s nonsensical.”

Keswa has hired a 24-hour VIP security group because she doesn’t want to lose Latoya and be blamed for involving her in her family’s quarrels. The cousin has apparently been keeping a low profile as journalists have been seeking more information regarding the house and Makhene’s girlfriend.

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