Tumi Morake To Represent SA in Netflix world Comedy Special

Mzansi is going wild!!!!

Tumi Morake To Represent SA in Netflix world Comedy Special

Tumi Morake is readied to make history as Netflix as well as Just For Laughs have revealed an extraordinary new stand-up comedy event series readied to premiere in 2019 that will feature 47 comics from around the world.

Flying the South African flag high and pleased is Tumi Morake as well as Riaad Moosa, that join two other stellar SA comics as part of the collection.

It appears that Tumi Morake remains in the business of making history! By joining the event, she is because of come to be the very first African female funnyman to have her very own collection on Netflix.

Feeling humbled by this possibility, Tumi remarks: “Extraordinary things are happening and I am beyond thankful. I’m placing my best foot forward and I am hoping to do my country proud.”

“South Africans are witnessing a new period of comedy as regional comics are making a wonderful impression on the international audiences and we are so happy that two of our own from the Blu Blood stable are participating in this amazing experience,” says Osman Osman, Blu Blood MD

. The yet-to-be-named series will certainly include a variety of stand-up specials from comedians diverse in style, sex and ethnicity and will be taped in seven languages.

“I’m anticipating going back to Montreal to take part in the Just For Giggles event. Netflix is taking funny to a whole new level and although I’ve been a part of numerous specials back home, I’m thrilled as well as honoured to be participating in a collection of this calibre,” adds Riaad Moosa, the ‘Great Physician’ of SA comedy.

Tumi as well as Riaad will certainly belong to 32 comics that will certainly tape half-hour specials at this year’s Just For Giggles Comedy Festival in Montreal from July 24 to July 29, with the additional comedians set to videotape specials in Sao Paulo, Mexico City, Mumbai, Berlin and Amsterdam.

“Few points are much better than uncovering a new comic you like. With the occasion, we’re producing a true comedy event experience for our participants where they can scour the world from home to locate some of the best voices in funny,” claims Lisa Nishimura, VP, Original Documentary as well as Funny, Netflix.

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