University Student Commits Suicide After Being Blocked To Register

University Student Commits Suicide After Being Blocked To Register

A university student is reported to have committed suicide after he was blocked from registering. This is very sad and shows that there is no proper student representation in Universities. Details of the student are not yet confirmed and the University he attended to. Sources can only confirm that the student was stressed after being denied to register at the institution.


Members of the public are hurt by the demise of such a young promising man. Taking to social media, people are sharing their stories and encouraging young people not to give up and talk to authorities. Here are some of the condoling messages:

“Am blocked from getting my academic record, due to graduate next month, probably wont get my diploma but we move. May he rest in peace.”

“I got blocked in 2018 I was too stressed I didn’t know what to do, I also lost my funding I appealed for four modules I was also given a warning. When I was given a third chance I made sure I pass all the modules. I speak as a graduate”

Depression is real and is claiming lives all over the world. It seems managements are more concerned about the money more than the welfare and wellbeing of the student. Suicide is never a solution and it does not solve one’s problem.

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