Uzalo Actor Godfather In Real Life, Age, Early Life, Twin Brother, Career, Business, Fashion and Net worth

Uzalo Actor Godfather In Real Life, Age, Early Life, Twin Brother, Career, Business, Fashion and Net worth

Not a lot is known about this talented actor, but when he made his debut on our screens, he made a gradual hit. He became everyone’s favorite and his performance did not disappoint. His real name is Sizwe Khumbuza one of Mzansi’s fast rising actors whose done nothing, but been able to keep viewers on the control of their seats.

Sizwe Khumbuza Age

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My day one, we've come a long way. Happy born day!!

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He has not revealed his exact birth date to the public, but based on a post on Instagram, it seem the star was born on the 7th of September.

Sizwe Khumbuza Early Life


Sizwe was born and raised in Vryheid, a coal mining and cattle town in northern KwaZulu-Natal. Growing up, Sizwe was always riveted by the fact of taking on projects that would challenge him to work hard. That is exactly what he did to get to where he is right now.

Sizwe Khumbuza Twin Brother

As charming as he looks, Sizwe is not the only one from the Khumbuza family with that charm. What many didn’t know is that Sizwe has an identical twin. Most have a difficult time telling them apart even his own family they always confuse the two.

His twin’s name is Lizwe Khumbuza and he is an actor and singer as well.

“We are one person. It is funny how people close to us fail to identify us. Sometimes they call me Lizwe and call Lizwe by my name. They are only assisted by the tattoo on my arm. But when I am in a long sleeve top, they cannot see it,” the actor admitted.

Sizwe Khumbuza Career

Sizwe is known for the talent that he showed on Mzansi Magic’s Greed and Desire. Reputable in the town of Bloemfontein, the telenovela reconnoitered the themes of ambition, wealth, power, secrets and desire.

He also had the opportunity to work along his brother on advert for Vodacom. From a young age, it seems being in the public eye was always Sizwe’s dream and having to do it with his brother made it a whole lot better.



“We wanted this more than anything. Actually, we wanted to be male models because growing up we always went for goals and dreams that would really excite and challenge us to work hard and keep getting better at our craft. Acting is and always was one of the goals that we set for ourselves to achieve,” said Lizwe.

“A friend told us about the opportunity, we auditioned the client told us they loved us and we got the job, it was really that simple,” said the pair.

Sizwe then got the role to play on one of Mzansi’s favorite soap Uzalo. His appearance on the soapie had the whole of Mzansi tune in to watch every single day.

Sizwe’s character on Uzalo was named Godfather, the die-hard gangster and Khathaza’s son. In an interview with JustNje, Sizwe Khumbuza revealed that he had never played such a strong character before, which is why he felt the need to take on such a role. He absolutely revealed that Godfather’s mission to seek revenge might get distracted, as he happens to fall in love with a leading lady.

Early last month Sizwe confirmed his Uzalo leaving saying there is no bad blood between him and the team. He explained that it is completely normal for actors to come and go from a show after fulfilling their duties.

Sizwe revealed that his next role will be featuring twin brother Lizwe. The two brothers will be starring in a television production which will air on SABC 2.

Sizwe Khumbuza Business

Not only is he the charming actor that we get to see on our television screens, but Sizwe is also an entrepreneur. Along his brother, Sizwe is the co-founder of a clothing brand named Spadille.

Sizwe Khumbuza Fashion

Sizwe knows how to keep it fresh and simple when it comes to taste in fashion.
Here are a few pics where he left everybody driveling, well especially the ladies.

Sizwe Khumbuza Net Worth

The actor net worth is not yet revealed.


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