Uzalo Actors And Their Salaries 2020 [How Much Do They Earn Monthly]

Uzalo Actors And Their Salaries 2020 [How Much Do They Earn Monthly]

Uzalo is South Africa’s most-watched soapie and for that reason, actors get a generous treasure for their work. 

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The salaries of the highest-paid actors are based on factors such as years of experience, show ratings, and obviously their talent on a personal level. Common logic dictates that the show with the highest ratings (Uzalo, which recently beat Generations: The Legacy in that regard with over 9.88 million viewers while Generations was at 9.1 million viewers) would have the highest-paid performers, but that is not the case, as we are about to reveal in this article.

Uzalo Actors Salaries 2020

Actors And Actress Pay Scale In South Africa

Experienced and main actors of a show are said to earn between R25,000 – R60,000 per month.

Supporting actors and extras are said to earn the least amount of money.

Supporting actors will earn between R1,500 – R5,000 per call. In other instances, they can earn up to R6000 per call, depending on the hours they’ve spent on set working.

Extra’s or random individuals who are required to not speak at all are the least paid and possibly take home R250 to R500 per call.

In an interview on Metro FM, Omuhle Gela admitted that entertainers/actors do not get paid a lot of money; therefore that is why they dabble in a lot of things to ensure they can put food on the table and make an honest living.

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Actors and Actress who have a lot of experience in the industry have declared that the entertainment industry is too small for entertainers to focus on one profession. Therefore, that’s why most actors are also presenters, radio personalities and event MC’s as different streams of income ease the pressure of getting a salary from one profession that already underpays them.

Uzalo Actors And Their Salaries 2020

Uzalo Actors Salaries 2020

Mangcobo who is the lead actress and long-serving cast member gets between R40k to R55K per month.

Nkunzi is also a lead actor in the show he gets a salary between R40k to R50k for his notorious role. Mamlambo gets a salary between R35k to R45 while Fikile gets between R25k to R35k a month because she plays a minor role.

Sibonelo who plays the character of Nkunzi’s son gets a salary between R25k to R35k a month. Qhabanga also gets the same range of salary as Sibonelo. Nyawo for his minor role is paid between R15k to R25k a month.

Nonka gets between R20k to R30k while Sbu is paid between R30k to R40k a month. Gabisile is paid between R35k to R45k a month. Njeza gets a salary between R25k to R35k while Nomcebo is paid R15k to R20k a month.

Godfather and Thulani who play roles as Khathaza’s sons are paid a salary between R20k to R30k thousand a month and Lilly and Zekhethelo get the same salary of R20k to R30k as well.

Nosipho who plays the character of Mangcobo’s daughter is paid a salary between R20k to R35k a month. Madlala’s salary is between R15k to R25k while Mbatha gets R15k to R25k a month as well.

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