Uzalo Actress MaThabethe Is A Professional Nurse And Pastor In Real Life

Uzalo Actress MaThabethe Is A Professional Nurse And Pastor In Real Life

Actress Pamla Khazi plays the role of MaThabethe, a loan shark on SABC 1 soapie opera Uzalo. The MaThabethe role is a shrowd loan shark based in KwaMashu; she cruelly dives her clients during debt recovery.

MaThabethe borrowed MaDongwe a sum of money a few years ago which later ballooned to thousands due to interests gathered.  MaDongwe revealed that she borrowed the money to buy a wedding ring under the presence that Mbatha would marry her. After separation from Mbatha, Madongwe threw the ring at him in distress.

MaThabethe reappeared to bane her debtor; with her bouncers, she looted Madongwe’s house, taking away anything valuable in her sight. She was in control of her game until she stabbed Nonkanyiso while fighting for a tablet and got arrested for attempted murder.

Palma Khazi‘s real life is entirely different from the MaThabethe role; she is a devoted Christian and professional nurse in real life. Married to husband Ray Khazi, she is a mother of three, fizzy and cheerful kids. The Uzalo role is her first on our television screens, the way she nailed it open doors for many to come. Recruited as an extra, though her quality, she forced scriptwriters to include her role in the soapie.

MaThabethe was a strong Bushiri follower and belonged to the ECG church and became an predestined Pastor in the church. She revealed that Apostle Robert Asamoah prophesied the Uzalo gig, and it came to pass. When she stabbed Nonka, a fan favorite onscreen, Palma faced real-life backlash from fans who forgot that all were acting and threatened her life. She was at once scared for her family safety due to the onscreen trouble.


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