Uzalo Actress Nelisa Mchunu Opens Up About Rape

Uzalo Actress Nelisa Mchunu Opens Up About Rape

After her character closely escaped being raped, Uzalo actress  Nelisa Mchunu who plays a character of Fikile urged fans not to be afraid to report rapists. This after a recent episode of Uzalo saw one of Sbu’s low-life friends insist that he knew that Fikile wanted him and proceed to try to have sex with her forcefully. Luckily Sbu ran into the house right on time and saved Fikile.

Taking to social media, Nelisa who plays Fikile on the popular drama took to twitter to talk about the difference between fiction and non-fiction where rape is concerned. The actress encouraged victims of rape to find the strength to report their rapist.

“Unfortunately in real life we don’t have oSbu noNkunzi to bury rapists alive, so please, please don’t ever be afraid to report a rape case, rapists don’t deserve to be out in the streets terrorizing women,” Nelisa said.

The actress networked with some of her followers who shared how important it was to keep talking about the effects of rape. Some of her fans shared their experiences with her, while others simply highly praised her for being true in how she brought a difficult storyline to life.


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