Uzalo Actress Nonka Joins Durban Gen

Uzalo Actress ‘Nonka’ Joins Durban Gen

Durban Gen introduced an exciting storyline this week of a patient who was sterilized. Uzalo fans were overjoyed to see Thuthuka Mthembu joining Durban Gen to tell this storyline, and the actress personified her character of a victim to perfection. Thuthuka joined Uzalo playing the role of Njeza’s sister, who visited him in jail.

Her family is a poor household, and people look down upon them. Her character as Nonka on Uzalo has given hope to many South Africans as she proves that flexibility and hard work are the recipes to a better life. Thuthuka Mthembu’s first significant role on Television is Nonka in Uzalo, which she earned in 2018. Through her marriage to Sbonelo in a polygamous marriage, Nonka saved herself and left the union.

Despite the other learners making fun of her because she was older and got her diploma, she enrolled to a school. However, she has been acting since she was a child, being featured in commercials and films as an extra. She is now a household name in the industry, and more jobs are coming her way as an actress.

Thuthuka has taken the same strong role on Durban Gen as she plays a patient who fought off her abuser. Her character used her teeth to sterilize the man who raped her. The man, Bheka Sithole, found himself lying about how he got himself in that position and needed medical attention. Fans of Durban Gen have seen a lot of faces from Uzalo joining the show once in a while and vice versa.

After celebrating getting a new role in Grade 13, Thuthuka trended after death rumours. However, Uzalo show producers rubbished the trick after a fan asked. Many celebrities have been through stories like that because of fake news sites that publish anything without verifying. Thuthuka, through her Instagram page, is still engaging with her followers and working on her acting jobs and with brands she is in partnership with.

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