Uzalo Fan Beats Up Njeza At A Shopping Mall

Uzalo Fan Beats Up Njeza At A Shopping Mall

Uzalo Fan Beatup Njeza At A Shopping Mall. South African actor Nkanyiso Makhanya best known for his villainous role as Njeza on night time soapie Uzalo is one of the best actors in the country.

At the moment Njeza portrays the character of an abusive boyfriend who is always beating up his woman regardless how silly the mistake is.
He plays the character so well and has become one of the most acted characters in the country, however it is not everyone who is able to differentiate between onscreen and real life characters.

The actor is reported to have been attacked by some fans while he was at a local mall shopping.

Reporta claim a fan of Uzalo charged towards him looking furious and slapped him saying, “stop beating women… if you want to fight come fight me a real man.”

No physical exchange continued as some people intervened and stopped the altercation.

He is not the first actor to experience such treatment. Recall Bridget from the old Generations? She also met the same fate.

Recently comedian Moshe Ndiki stormed the set of Gomora and insulted Melusi for cheating on Gladys, however, this was a planned joke.


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