Uzalo: Zekhethelo refuses to forgive Sambulo for leaving her at the alter and embarrassing her

Uzalo: Zekhethelo refuses to forgive Sambulo for leaving her at the alter and embarrassing her

Now that the truth is out in the open, will Sambulo look past Zakhethelo as his stepsister and continue marrying her? Will Zakhethelo even forgive him after he left her at the alter?

On the latest episode of Uzalo, when Sambulo and his mother with the support of MaMlambo confronted Nkunzi about Sambulo’s paternity, they left Zakhethelo at the alter alone. In my head, I found it a bit weird that Sambulo didn’t even think to call Zakhethelo along even if he’d leave her midway. Now she had to leave the wedding venue on foot and with a broken heart! How petty of Sambulo lol!

Now that the dust has settled and Sambulo has done some thinking, I assume he figured that marrying Zakhethelo can’t be that bad since they are not biologically related since she’s Nkunzi’s adopted daughter! Now, Zakhethelo is still mad over what happened at the church and says she needs time away to think about the whole affair! She packed her bags and I wonder where she is going!

Since she got engaged, she showed everyone her true colors, especially MaMlambo. For me, Zakhethelo took the whole pastor’s wife thing to her head and let it rule her. She forgot to remember that she’s still a person and just used the title to disrespect people, including MaMlambo and people who actually supported her and wished the best for her!

Now that she packed her bags, she’ll be giving some fake apologies about how she was overwhelmed by the whole thing and didn’t mean any harm. For me, that’s just absolute nonsense because even when she was warned, she still continued with her behavior and even saw MaMlambo as a demon worshipper! She forgot about all the sacrifices MaMlambo did for her when she had absolutely no one and that’s one thing that could possibly have hurt MaMlambo the most!

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