WATCH: Connie And Shona Ferguson’s Impressive Dance Moves

WATCH: Connie And Shona Ferguson’s Impressive Dance Moves

In few days to come, actress Connie Ferguson will be celebrating her 50th birthday and it’s still hard to believe. The actress has been on Mzansi screens for a very long time. Connie is a true fitness devoted and has been open to sharing her journey on social media by posting her workouts.

Taking to Instagram, on June 1st, Connie shared a video of her and her husband Shona and their daughter Alicia having a little fun in the gym. “Entering my birth month like “siyabangena!” Golden Jubilee I see you!” captioned Connie the video.

Connie body is looking very speedy in the video, showing just how hard she has been working on it. In celebration of her birthday, Connie is running a fun 10-day skipping challenge on her fitness page where the winner will walk away with a huge cash prize.


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