Watch Full Video: Isibaya Actors Sends Farewell Message To Thandeka “Nomzamo Mbatha”

Watch Full Video: Isibaya Actors Sends Farewell Message To Thandeka “Nomzamo Mbatha”

Nomzamo Mbatha famously known as Thandeka from Isibaya soapie, she is definitely destined for greatness but on her beautiful journey, she has to leave her role on Isibaaya behind. Fans are broken-hearted and her colleagues are proud of her but very sad to watch her leave. The Isibaya actors recorded a video where they say their goodbyes to the talented young lady

Nomzamo has officially left the show and her departure left everyone including the Isibaya cast very sad.

She definitely made her mark as a passionate, driven and hard-working actress and will be missed.

To prove that she is loved and praised by a lot, some of the Isibaya cast communicated a few words to Nomzamo as a way of saying farewell

It is very beautiful and sad at the same time so see her leave but we are so extremely proud of her.  She has been a hard worker to grow her career internationally and right now she is reaping the rewards. Nomzamo scored herself a role in the Hollywood production Coming 2 America 2 and is representing  South African like a boss overseas. Check out what some of the actors who worked with Nomzamo had to say


Social Media Fans need some time to heal from the previous episode that they saw their beloved Thandeka getting shot. The character has been loved and admired by lots of viewers of the soapie for years and now she’s gone. Thandeka doesn’t just go – she dies and this left fans heartbroken – they don’t understand why their favorite actor has to lea like that. Memes were at the order of the day as social media users expressed their sorrow at seeing Thandeka for the last time. This is a new  beginning for Nomzamo although,  we can expect to see much more of her in the future

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