Watch! Inside Moroccan Maternity Ward Where Malian Mother Gave Birth To 9 Babies

Watch! Inside Moroccan Maternity Ward Where Malian Mother Gave Birth To 9 Babies

Incredible footage from inside a Moroccan maternity unit has captured the amazing birth of nine babies to a single mother – as the premature newborns beat the odds to survive. Doctors today revealed how they delivered the five girls and four boys on Tuesday, and have confirmed that all nine newborns and their mother Halima Cisse, from Timbuktu in Mali, are currently ‘doing well’.

Ms Cisse, 25, had expected to deliver seven babies following ultrasound scans in Mali and Morocco, but medics were shocked to find two more when they performed a caesarean section yesterday. It is expected the mother, whose husband remains in Mali, will return home in several weeks.

The mother had spent two weeks in hospital in the Malian capital of Bamako before being winged to Morocco in March for specialist care. She gave birth prematurely at 30 weeks into her pregnancy. Ms Cisse’s nonuplets are the third-ever recorded case of the extremely rare phenomenon, with previous mothers in Australia and Malaysia sadly losing their babies not long after giving birth.

Babies born at 30 weeks measure an estimated 39.9cm in length and weigh 2.8lbs, according to the NHS. Astonishing video shared today by the Ain Borja private clinic in Casablanca shows how doctors and nurses worked hard to ensure that all nine babies were delivered safely and alive.

A heavily pregnant Ms Cisse is shown arriving in Morocco by plane, where she was pushed in a wheelchair across the tarmac. Afterwards, a doctor speaks to the camera and explains the complicated procedure

“She was going to have seven babies normally. [..] At 25 weeks, 6 months, she has been here for five weeks, we tried everything [..] so we managed to earn an extra five weeks with the suitable treatment and care,’ Dr Mourad says. Fortunately, or unfortunately [..] we found nine babies which were taken into the NICU. Most of the babies are intubated, some are on oxygen, […] but at first sight the babies are well.’”

Dr Mourad says that he estimates a baby’s chance of survival increases to around 80 per cent if they are born at around 30 weeks, and if they are given proper treatment.

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