WATCH : Jacob Zuma Revealing How His Son Was Poisoned To Death

WATCH : Jacob Zuma Revealing How His Son Was Poisoned To Death

Former South African president Jacob Zuma has made the shocking claims that his son was poisoned to death. Zuma made the surprising revelation in a Zoom conversation with his other son, Duduzane that was posted on YouTube on Tuesday. By 5 pm on Wednesday, the video had been viewed 20,500 times.

In his essential conversation with Duduzane, Zuma tells him that Vusi died in 2018 of poisoning though at the time of his death, the Zuma family said the 25-year-old had died from lupus. At the time of Vusi’s death a statement from the Zuma family said: “Nhlakanipho Vusi Zuma departed on July 1, 2018, from complications of systematic lupus erythematous‚ simply known as lupus.”

But in the Zoom conversation with Duduzane, Zuma claims that his son was in fact poisoned and that the people who poisoned Vusi did so to impose pain on him “Here was a young man growing very bright, really with a big future, but he had to die. He had an ailment that you can control until you are very old, but he passed away very suddenly. Now that I know what took him is what pains me even more. I now know that it was people who were trying to kill me … who then took a decision to create something that would pain me, and I now know” said Zuma.

“It was a failure to take your life that they went to the young man in a manner that is very cruel because they interfered with his treatment in order to poison him. Now I know, so the pain has not just doubled but has tripled in me – because here I lose, for the first time, my child who had many years to live and it was in the place of me [that he was poisoned]. He added”

In the conversation, Zuma also claims that he was poisoned and is still amazed that he is alive. For his survival he thank his ancestors and God. Duduzane keeps adding how the poison had damaged his father at the time

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