Watch: Jessica Nkosi And TK Dlamini Little Daughter Dancing [So Pretty]

Watch: Jessica Nkosi And TK Dlamini Little Daughter Dancing [So Pretty]

Jessica Nkosi took to social media and shared an adorable video of her daughter Namisa dancing in front of the television. The former Isibaya actress shares Namisa with TK Dlamini who played the character of Mastermind in Uzalo.

The actress wrote a funny message on the post pointing out that her daughter is just like a most toddler who loves to stand in front of the television as she wrote: “My daughter My happy baby And no I didn’t teach her this dance And this is how I watch tv, with her standing in front of me ”

Jessica Nkosi also pointed out that her daughter is a natural dancer since she did not teach her how to dance. This comes as no surprise that the toddler already has the moves since both her parents are in the entertainment industry.

Nkosi and the father of her daughter TK recently flashed rumors that they were back together as they were both seen taking pictures separately in Nkosi’s Volvo but the two have stayed mute about the rumors and even with having a public breakup where TK Dlamini was accused of cheating on Nkosi, the two are committed in co-parenting peacefully.

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