Watch: Makhadzi Accused Of Stealing Hit Song “Tshintsha Magiya” From Malawi Artist Scrafoc

Watch: Makhadzi Accused Of Stealing Hit Song “Tshintsha Magiya” From Malawi Artist Scrafoc

Multi-award-winning South African musician Makhadzi has been accused of stealing her new hit song “Tshintsha Magiya.” The Limpopo musician allegedly ripped off the song from Malawi’s Scrafoc.

Scrafoc’s original version is called “Ma Gear.”

The Malawian artist’s song was released last year, with the video of “Ma Gear” premiering on Youtube on 8 June 2021. In the year since the video’s release, it has garnered almost 22 000 views.

Makhadzi’s “Tshintsha Magiya”, on the other hand, is yet to be officially released after it was announced that it would be released on Friday, 24 June 2022.

However, Makhadzi herself has released snippets from the song, and these have been well received.

The song’s teasers were so well received that they sparked a dance challenge – the“Tshintsha Magiya” dance challenge.

However, after similarities between the songs were noted, South Africans rushed to defend Makhadzi, saying that she had not stolen the song from Scrafoc.

Makhadzi Accused Of Stealing Hit Song “Tshintsha Magiya”

They argued that the Limpopo musician had simply taken a popular South African chant and made it into a song.

Other South Africans accused Scrafoc of seeking to ride on Makhadzi’s fame to promote his own song. Some also incredibly accused the Malawi artist of being the one who stole Makhadzi’s song.


We’ve been changing Amagear throughout the years in South Africa.


Chancha magear is an old South African chant, there was even a dance. If there’s anyone that stole anything here it’s those ones from Bhushiri land.


If you remember Brown dash and Mzekezeke’s akekh’ugogo you’ll probably know that “shintsh’ama gear” part was there. Bona they stole it from us if Makhadzi stole it she was only taking back what’s belongs home.



Makhadzi Accused Of Stealing Hit Song “Tshintsha Magiya”

Uyanya lo Scruff what what…we have been saying that way before he even heard that term. So it means naye he stole it from “Busta 929 – paradise”…heh bare shin’tsha magear”…an that was dance we used to do an they even stole it on the video. Sies.


Tell them we said voetsek they copied Makhadzi not the other way around mcm.


So scafro beat is south african amapiano his dance moves r south african then he claims his song is stolen by a south african..

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